Dr. Bush has worked in higher education since 1995. Dr. Bush leadership experience further includes his involvement on statewide committees and initiatives.  He currently serves as the Area 2 representative for the California Community College League CEO Board, the CEO Representative for the state’s Chancellor Office Diversity. Equity, and Inclusion Committee as well as the Chancellor’s Office Student Success Metrics Taskforce.  

Moreover, Dr. Bush serves as the first Senior Fellow for the University of Davis School of Education Wheelhouse Center for Community College Leadership and Research. Dr. Bush has serves has an advisor for several education doctoral programs and serves as an expert advisor for the San Diego State University Community College Equity Assessment Lab.  In addition, Dr. Bush serves as an advisor for the College Future Foundation Equity Leadership Project. 

Dr. Bush is a founding member of (A2MEND), African American Male Educational Network & Development Inc.  Through his leadership (A2MEND) is a nationally recognized non-profit dedicated to improving the educational outcomes for African American men and other men of color enrolled in the California Community College system.